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NEW from in 2019!

An Update on

Over the past five years, has grown from serving a few hundred online shoppers every day to becoming one of the country’s leading insurance shopping websites, attracting more than 20,000 insurance shoppers on a typical weekday – over half a million per month.  That translates to 6 million shoppers a year and still growing - half personal lines and half commercial lines. All of that volume represents new business opportunities being directed exclusively to participating Trusted Choice independent insurance agencies.

Agencies Just Like Yours Are Recommending

We know it’s working for many agencies because they are telling their stories.  Here’s just one of dozens of agency success stories that have been recorded recently….  If you want to hear more, you can listen to agencies across the country share their experiences.

We Launched Our Own Consumer Portal

After seeing the growth and success of, IIANC decided to invest further in support of our members.  In partnership with the Trusted Choice team, we are thrilled to announce the launch of an IIANC-branded consumer web portal that will attract, educate and engage North Carolina insurance shoppers online, exclusively for the benefit of IIANC members.  Check out our NC specific portal at

We Strongly Recommend Participating

If you are serious about growing your agency in today’s marketplace, you need to be easily and effectively found online, and not just when a prospect already knows your agency’s name. is the largest and most recognized online directory of independent insurance agents and brokers in the country.  Likewise, the new IIANC-branded portal is quickly becoming the largest and most recognized online directory of independent insurance agencies in North Carolina.  Search engines, like Google, crawl these recognized directory sites every day, indexing every agency profile and in turn crawling every linked agency website.  If your agency wants to be found online, at a minimum, your agency needs to be actively and accurately listed on both and the new IIANC site.  This is table-stakes for every IIANC member.      

Both Free and Paid Participation Options Are Available!

Member Plus

Every IIANC member can enjoy a free Member Plus agency profile on both and on the new IIANC-branded web portal.   Member Plus profiles allow agencies to include more information about their agency and configure their appetite.  To claim yours, just use the form here or call 855-372-0070. 

Advantage Essential
For less than the cost of a cup of coffee every day, your agency can have a premium profile on both and the new IIANC-branded web portal.  Advantage agencies enjoy a richer profile and more configuration features, enabling them to target and win the prospects they most want to write.  Your agency will be positioned at the top of the recommended agencies list when your ideal customer is searching.  On both consumer-facing websites!  Only for IIANC members.  See the grid below for details.
Advantage Professional
For a few dollars more, double your agency’s search radius to 60 miles on both websites, sharpen your appetite configuration further and add the ability to proactively “claim” unassigned prospects that match your desired specs, as and when you choose.  This is actually the most popular subscription right now.  Only for IIANC members.

You can read more about all of these options below.  

Special Offer for IIANC Members Through March 31, 2019!

We have negotiated a very special offer between now and March 31, 2019:

  • If your agency doesn’t already have an Advantage subscription, you can sign up for the Advantage Essential (Personal Lines & Commercial Lines) for only $100 per month for the first year.  That’s a savings of over 22% or $336 per year.  
    Use this Promo Code when you call 855-372-0075: SP2018ESSENTIAL
  • Or sign up for Advantage Professional (Personal Lines & Commercial Lines) for only $165 per month for the first year, that’s a savings of 17% or $396 per year. 
    Use this Promo Code when you call 855-372-0075: SP2018PROFESSIONAL

Best of all, these benefits apply to your Advantage profiles on both web portals - our IIANC-branded consumer website as well as on  Two for the price of one!

Free Member Plus Profiles on

Would you like to have your agency show up higher in the agency listings on Now you can.

IIANC is working in partnership with to get more insurance buyers to the website and connect them with your agencies. The best part is that because of that partnership, our members can receive an improved profile on at no charge. 

A Member Plus profile will provide your agency with the following benefits: 
Your agency will show higher to consumers searching on
Tell us which lines of business in both personal and commercial you want to write
Confirm your contact information to get opportunities to the right producers
Select the 2digit NAICS codes that represents your agency’s niche markets
The ability to add a custom about us statement
Access to your agency Dashboard do see and track the referrals you have received

All of these capabilities will enable your agency to start getting only the referrals you want from insurance buyers that you like. 

It’s Easy!

Log in here and click on “Sign in with IIABA” in blue text (under the orange button). Use your Big I username and password on the screen that says Welcome! 

Plus, you can watch a helpful step-by-step video that will guide you to creating the best, most up-to-date profile for your agency.

If you don’t remember your username and password, or if you have any trouble signing in, just call Support at 855-372-0070 and they will get you set up in no time. 


Get Noticed. Get Referrals. Get an Advantage Subscription.

On average, nearly 75% of personal insurance consumers will begin their search for new coverage online. Will they find you? Consumers are being driven to where they can search for a local agent or request an online rate quote. While all Big "I" members are listed on the agency locator on as a member benefit, agencies with Advantage Subscriptions receive enhanced benefits, making them more visible and attractive to online consumers. 
Personal Lines Subscription
Detailed agency profile (including your agency logo, photos, description, social links and more) Top placement in search results when consumers search for agents in their area
A listing in the Search Results for the "get a quote" feature
Unlimited referrals from "Find an Agent" and "Get a Quote" consumers
Trackable referrals from the website and phone calls

Commercial Lines Subscription
Unlimited NAICS codes
Detailed agency profile (including your agency logo, photos, description, social links and more)
Top placement in search results when consumers search for agents in their area
Unlimited referrals from "Find an Agent" and "Get a Quote" consumers
Trackable referrals from the website and phone calls

Want both?
Get both Personal Lines and Commercial Lines for a discounted bundle subscription!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost per referral?
There is no cost per referral. Agencies pay a monthly subscription to participate in the Advantage Plan, which affords many benefits, such as enhanced profiles and premium placement on the industry's only website driving online consumer traffic to independent agents. Agencies that do not opt to participate in the Advantage Plan receive a Basic Listing at no charge.

Why can't I find my agency when I search under our zip code?
Chances are that your agency has not signed up for the Advantage Plan. Advantage Plan subscribers receive premium positioning in search results and will appear first. After these profiles, agencies with a Basic Listing will appear in geographic order. You may need to scroll through a few pages to find your Basic Listing.

Internet leads typically are not of good quality. How is this site any different?
Consumers using are individuals who are actively seeking insurance information. 76% of prospects using the site are over 30 years old, 50% are married, and 1/3 of vehicles quoted are valued over $30,000. Due to the quality of the individual typcially contacting an independent insurance agent through, they are not considered cold leads, but rather warm referrals.

Is anyone actually writing policies from their referrals?
Yes! Members across the country are writing new policies every day. In fact, there is a high conversion ratio for referrals. Additionally, 2/3 of all leads are choosing Advantage Plan subscribers.

How do I know it's going to work?
You don't...until you try it. For under $2/day, your agency will receive a digital marketing program that is far more robust than a yellow pages ad. The Advantage Plan gives members the power to showcase their agency in the best way possible on a site exclusively targeting consumers who are actively seeking insurance. Even if a prospect does not elect to contact your agency through the site, they may visit your website, Facebook page, or Google your agency to read what others are saying. Having a strong branding presence with your enhanced profile will get your agency in front of site visitors.

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