Agents & Brokers Education Network (ABEN)

The Agents & Brokers Education Network (ABEN) is a partnership between IIANC and Big "I" state associations around the country offering professional insurance training and continuing education using premier, live webcast technology. Housed within the Big "I" state associations are volumes of valuable educational insurance content along with some of the industry’s best instructors. 

ABEN's unique webcast platform lets you skip the travel and the hassle of traditional CE. ABEN's catalog has courses from some of the best presenters in the insurance industry, covering a wide range of relevant topics. With ABEN, you can watch any course, from anywhere, and participate fully, all without taking a test! You'll be able to see the presentation via live streaming video, follow along with the presenter's powerpoint, submit questions, take notes, and get full access to written materials.

ABEN’s live webcasts pool these resources to offer high quality CE training in your office at a fraction of the cost associated with attending an on-site course. The live webcast will stream professional instructors right into your office, along with related course material and the ability to ask questions and interact with other students as well as with the instructor. Watch this short video on "The ABEN Difference" for a glimpse of the quality and features that ABEN webcast users receive.

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ABEN Rewards Program

Do you participate in ABEN webcasts? If so, you will be automatically signed up for the brand new ABEN Rewards Program! Sign up and attend one of the ABEN classes and receive rewards points that can be used for discounts on future courses.
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Begin DateEnd DateTitleLocationCE TypeCE HoursState Course#Code
12/13/201712/13/2017ABEN E&O Mock TrialOnline At Your Desk 211832ABEN121317
12/13/201712/13/2017ABEN Workers Compensation Beyond the BasicsOnline At Your Desk 309886ABEE121317
12/14/201712/14/2017ABEN Annuity Basics and Where They FitOnline At Your Desk 199397ABEN121417
12/14/201712/14/2017ABEN Rental Cars: More Than Meets the EyeOnline At Your Desk 299080ABE121417
12/18/201712/18/2017ABEN General Homeowners Section 2, Part 1Online At Your Desk 295606ABE121817
12/19/201712/19/2017ABEN Data Privacy InsuranceOnline At Your Desk 296811ABEA121917
12/19/201712/19/2017ABEN Directors and Officers Liability InsuranceOnline At Your Desk 298394ABE0121917
12/19/201712/19/2017ABEN Street Level EthicsOnline At Your Desk 3201213ABEE121917
12/20/201712/20/2017ABEN Business Auto Claims That Cause ProblemsOnline At Your Desk 298268ABEA122017
12/20/201712/20/2017ABEN Estate Planning BasicsOnline At Your Desk 299395ABEO122017
12/20/201712/20/2017ABEN Estate Planning Techniques - Options and OpportunitiesOnline At Your Desk 298246ABE122017
12/20/201712/20/2017ABEN Home Based Business ExposuresOnline At Your Desk 297715ABEN122017
12/20/201712/20/2017ABEN Insurance Claims That Cause Problems!Online At Your Desk 3204946ABEE122017
12/26/201712/26/2017ABEN General Homeowners Section 2, Part 2Online At Your Desk 295607ABEE122617
12/27/201712/27/2017ABEN E&O Risk Management Meeting the Challenge of Chg Pt 2Online At Your Desk 3200321ABEA122717
12/27/201712/27/2017ABEN E&O Risk Management Meeting the Challenge of Chg Pt 1Online At Your Desk 3200322ABEO122717
12/27/201712/27/2017ABEN National Flood Insurance Program: Basic Course - 2016Online At Your Desk 396190ABE122717
12/28/201712/28/2017ABEN IRA Fundamentals and Small Business Retirement PlansOnline At Your Desk 199396ABEE122817
12/29/201712/29/2017ABEN E&O Risk Management Meeting the Challenge of Chg Pt 2Online At Your Desk 3200321ABEA122917
12/29/201712/29/2017ABEN E&O Risk Management Meeting the Challenge of Chg Pt 1Online At Your Desk 3200322ABEO122917