Online Education


For the convenience of our members, IIANC offers a variety of opportunities for online and self-study education. Many of these courses are approved for CE credit in North Carolina.

Important Note About CE Credit With Webinars - You are welcome to have additional staff sit in on the webinar, but the NC DOI attendance verification requirements allow that ONLY THE PERSON REGISTERED FOR THE WEBINAR CAN RECEIVE CE CREDIT. The NC DOI requires that we verify your attendance. We will ask a random question during the webinar, and you will be asked to respond. If you fail to respond, we will not be able to award you CE credit.

Contact the IIANC Education Department at or 888-275-8907 with questions.

ABEN - Agents & Brokers Education Network

With ABEN, you have access to courses and instructors from Big "I" associations around the country. ABEN offers a wide variety of classes on P&C, L&H, agency management, sales and marketing, professional development and more. ABEN’s live webcasts provides high quality CE training in your office at a fraction of the cost associated with attending an on-site course. The live webcast will stream professional instructors right into your office, along with related course material and the ability to ask questions and interact with other students as well as with the instructor. 
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Training for New Hires

New Level Partners
Looking for industry training for your new employee? IIANC has partnered with New Level Partners to bring online training to new hires in the insurance industry. Online learning is ideal for new hires and job changers and is an excellent way to fit coverage education into the workday. This training is on-demand, interactive, cost-effective and measurable. 
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CSR Boot Camp
IIANC has partnered with The Institutes to offer a proven training program designed to bring customer service representatives (CSRs) up to speed quickly and effectively. CSR BootCamp empowers CSRs to develop strong customer relationships with a solid foundation of knowledge of a wide range of insurance products and services. Plus, program completion puts CSRs closer to earning The Institutes’ Associate in General Insurance (AINS) designation.
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IIANC Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

IIANC often presents webinars on a variety of issues ranging from technical topics to agency management to sales and more. Some webinars are filed for CE credit and many are available at no charge as a complimentary member benefit.
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Recorded Webinars

IIANC regularly presents webinars on a variety of issues including insurance coverages, automation, technology, social media, etc. We work with leading experts in these areas to present informative and timely webinars offered complimentary to IIANC members. If you missed one of IIANC's webinars, don't worry. Recorded webinars are available exclusively for IIANC members to watch on demand.
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Know & Grow Webinar Series

Free to members, our monthly "Know and Grow Webinar Series presented by the Young Agents Committee" covers a variety of topics related to career development, sales, marketing, perpetuation and more. By attending these webinars, you'll gain great insight and valuable tips to help you further your career and grow both personally and professionally.  
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Best Practices for Agency Operations Webinar Series

The Best Practices for Agency Operations series consists of 15-minute webinars and is presented at no charge by IIABA and Reagan Consulting. You can view the pre-recorded webinars on-demand and download presentations.  Topics include:

  • Best Practices - Key Metrics 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy
  • 2016 Best Practices Study Highlights 
  • Perpetuation Planning
  • Producer Recruiting and Development
  • Best Practices Study - The Top FIVE Things It Can Help In Your Agency
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Insurance Journal Academy of Insurance

As an added member benefit, IIANC members can now receive a 10% discount on online courses offered through the Insurance Journal Academy of Insurance with the code "IIANC". The Academy of Insurance offers high-quality insurance training in a convenient format. You can access a wide variety of courses taught by knowledgeable industry professionals, streamed directly to your computer or mobile device in an interactive webinar format. Take an online course through the Insurance Journal Academy and experience their motto: "Learn from the best without leaving your desk."
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Big "I" Virtual University Webinars

IIANC membership provides access to webinars and technical training led by Big "I" Virtual University faculty experts from around the United States which teach agents what you need to know in order to stay on top of technical changes or industry issues. Webinars are offered both live and recorded for on-demand viewing - and sometimes at no charge. With access to a webinar recording, you can present the information conference-style so your entire agency can participate, making purchasing webinar recordings an excellent investment. (Note: CE requirements in NC apply as stated above.) 

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Begin DateTitleLocationCE TypeCE HoursNC Course#Code
12/13/2017ABEN E&O Mock TrialOnline At Your Desk 211832ABEN121317
12/13/2017ABEN Workers Compensation Beyond the BasicsOnline At Your Desk 309886ABEE121317
12/14/2017ABEN Annuity Basics and Where They FitOnline At Your Desk 199397ABEN121417
12/14/2017ABEN Rental Cars: More Than Meets the EyeOnline At Your Desk 299080ABE121417
12/18/2017ABEN General Homeowners Section 2, Part 1Online At Your Desk 295606ABE121817
12/19/2017ABEN Data Privacy InsuranceOnline At Your Desk 296811ABEA121917
12/19/2017ABEN Directors and Officers Liability InsuranceOnline At Your Desk 298394ABE0121917
12/19/2017ABEN Street Level EthicsOnline At Your Desk 3201213ABEE121917
12/20/2017ABEN Business Auto Claims That Cause ProblemsOnline At Your Desk 298268ABEA122017
12/20/2017ABEN Estate Planning BasicsOnline At Your Desk 299395ABEO122017
12/20/2017ABEN Estate Planning Techniques - Options and OpportunitiesOnline At Your Desk 298246ABE122017
12/20/2017ABEN Home Based Business ExposuresOnline At Your Desk 297715ABEN122017
12/20/2017ABEN Insurance Claims That Cause Problems!Online At Your Desk 3204946ABEE122017
12/26/2017ABEN General Homeowners Section 2, Part 2Online At Your Desk 295607ABEE122617
12/27/2017ABEN E&O Risk Management Meeting the Challenge of Chg Pt 2Online At Your Desk 3200321ABEA122717
12/27/2017ABEN E&O Risk Management Meeting the Challenge of Chg Pt 1Online At Your Desk 3200322ABEO122717
12/27/2017ABEN National Flood Insurance Program: Basic Course - 2016Online At Your Desk 396190ABE122717
12/28/2017ABEN IRA Fundamentals and Small Business Retirement PlansOnline At Your Desk 199396ABEE122817
12/29/2017ABEN E&O Risk Management Meeting the Challenge of Chg Pt 2Online At Your Desk 3200321ABEA122917
12/29/2017ABEN E&O Risk Management Meeting the Challenge of Chg Pt 1Online At Your Desk 3200322ABEO122917