P&C Courses

IIANC offers a variety of courses on pertinent information your agency staff needs in order to better serve your customers and remain compliant with licensing regulations. The courses below are offered throughout North Carolina and are designed to provide education and updates on regulatory changes, mandated information, risk management, technical issues and other timely insurance topics.

New Courses This Spring/Summer

The Intentional Agent's Training Series: I'm an Agent, Now What?

Taught by Chris Boggs, Director of the IIABA Virtual University, this series is of 3-hour courses allows you to take control of your learning and make your professional growth intentional by "skipping over" three or more years of accidental learning.  Register for one or more of the sessions; all held at IIANC in Cary.
May 22-23: Sessions 1-5
Session 5: The Basics of Contractual Risk Transfer, Additional Insureds and COI
Session 6: Premium Auditing - What Every Agent Must Know
Session 7: The Basics of Commercial Property Underwriting and Rating: COPE
Session 8: The Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance Conditions

When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned from the Front Lines

Now approved for 3 hours of FLD and 1 hour of CE credit!
Join Danny Cook for an agent’s perspective as he shares his first-hand experiences from experiencing Hurricane Matthew in hard-hit Lumberton, NC. Attending will help you understand not only how this storm affected Danny’s agency, but will also discuss the benefit of first responders in the midst of rescue operations. This class will discuss coverages, claims experiences, planning perspectives and the “what if” scenarios. 
April 4 - Wilmington
April 5 - New Bern
           April 26 - Greensboro
May 9 - Concord
           May 16 - Greenville
May 23 - Asheville
           June 7 - Fayetteville
July 12 - Cary   

E&S: The Exciting & Strange Side of Insurance

You work with Excess and Surplus Lines (E&S) every single day, but do we really understand this side of insurance? This class will begin with Basic E&S 101 discussing terminology, distribution chains and differences in wholesalers. Then, we’ll jump into a more detailed discussion of the many different regulations, walk through case studies, and discuss Lloyd’s of London. Course will be taught by Danielle Wade, CPCU, CIC, a nationally-known expert on E&S insurance.  
April 12 - Asheville            September 19 - Concord            September 21 - Cary 

E&O Risk Management: Meeting the Challenge of Change

Successful completion of this course will go toward satisfying the 10% loss control credit on the agency’s E&O policy with Swiss Re. Topics that will be covered in this class include:  Agency/Carrier Relationships – Law of Agency; Understanding Agents Duties; An E&O Claim - 360° View; Agency Defenses – Documentation; E&O Considerations of Agency Operations; E&O Issues of Certificates of Insurance; Minimizing E&O Exposure from Excess and Surplus Lines; and E&O Exposures When Using Social Media.

CE Credits: 6 GEN   |   Course No: C69677   |   Price: Members with IIANC E&O: $30   |   Price: Members $60 / Non-Members $160

Street Level Ethics

This course is designed to satisfy the NCDOI mandate for Ethics Continuing Education. What does it mean to act ethically? What are the different levels of ethical behavior (legal, personal, professional)?  This course will include a review of the basic elements of ethical behavior, codes of ethics for insurance professionals as well as our ethical duties to our companies vs. our customers. We will also examine real-life situations that agents can find themselves in and explore the various options that we can take in those situations. 

CE Credits: 3 ETH   |   Course No: C201213   |   Price: Members $45 / Non-Members $80

The National Flood Insurance Program

This course is designed to satisfy the NCDOI mandate for Flood Insurance Continuing Education. The course will examine the major aspects of writing flood policies, including flood zone and flood map determination, amounts of coverage available in the Emergency vs. Regular programs, eligible buildings and occupancy, policy forms, and claims handling. There will also be a review of the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2004, particularly the requirements for point-of-sale and renewal notifications to insureds.
CE Credits: 3 FLD     Course No: C74828     Price: Members $45 / Non-Members $80

Agents Advanced Flood Insurance Program

This class will provide the participants with a more advanced look at issues concerning National Flood Insurance.  It will include topics such as:
  • A complete review of Elevation Certificates, including diagram numbers and examples. 
  • Flood Proofing Certificates, A-Zone and V Zone Rating Factors including proper openings/enclosures.  
  • Submit for Rate Definition and Process  Coverage limitations in elevated buildings. 
  • The impact of Biggert-Waters 2012 and the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014.
The instructor for the course is Tammy Goodman, North Carolina Territory Manager for Selective Flood.

CE Credits: 3 FLD   |   Course No: C202118   |   Price: Members $45 / Non-Members $80

Begin DateEnd DateEvent TitleLocationCE TypeCE HoursState Course#Code
4/26/20174/26/2017When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesGreensboro 4207091FOC042617
5/9/20175/9/2017When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesConcord 4207091FOC050917
5/16/20175/16/2017National Flood Insurance ProgramFayettevilleFLD374828FOC51617
5/16/20175/16/2017When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesGreenville 4207091FOC051617D
5/16/20175/16/2017Street Level EthicsFayettevilleETH3201213FOC051617
5/22/20175/22/2017Basics of Con. Risk Transfer, Add'l Insureds, Cert. of Ins.CaryGEN4 FOC0522A
5/22/20175/22/2017Premium Auditing-What Every Agent Must KnowCaryGEN2 FOC0522P
5/23/20175/23/2017Basics of Commercial Property Underwriting & Rating: COPECaryGEN3 FOC0523A
5/23/20175/23/2017The Basics of Property Values and Coinsurance ConditionsCaryGEN3 FOC0523P
5/23/20175/23/2017When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesAsheville  207091FOC052317
6/7/20176/7/2017When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesFayetteville 4207091FOC060717
6/22/20176/22/2017E&O Risk Management SymposiumDurhamGEN6 EOSYM617
7/12/20177/12/2017When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesCary 4207091FOC071217
7/19/20177/19/2017E&O Risk Management - Meeting The Challenge of ChangeElizabeth CityGEN662084FOC071917
7/20/20177/20/2017National Flood Insurance ProgramGreenvilleFLD374828FOC072017
7/20/20177/20/2017Street Level EthicsGreenvilleETH3201213FOC72017
7/25/20177/25/2017CRIS Update: Additional Insured IssuesCaryGEN695016CRIS072517
8/22/20178/22/2017E&O Risk Management SymposiumAshevilleGEN6 EOSYM817
8/23/20178/23/2017National Flood Insurance ProgramGreensboroFLD374828FOC082317
8/23/20178/23/2017Street Level EthicsGreensboroETH3201213FOC82317
9/19/20179/19/2017E&O Risk Management - Meeting The Challenge of ChangeWilmingtonGEN662084FOC091917
9/19/20179/19/2017E&S: The Exciting & Strange Side of InsuranceConcord 3 FOC091917E
9/21/20179/21/2017E&S: The Exciting & Strange Side of InsuranceCaryGEN3 FOC092117E
9/28/20179/28/2017National Flood Insurance ProgramConcordFLD374828FOC92817
9/28/20179/28/2017Street Level EthicsConcordETH3201213FOC092817
10/17/201710/17/2017E&O Risk Management - Meeting The Challenge of ChangePinevilleGEN662084FOC101717
10/25/201710/25/2017Agents Advanced Flood SeminarCaryFLD3202118FOC10247
10/25/201710/25/2017Street Level EthicsCaryETH3201213FOC102417
11/8/201711/8/2017E&O Risk Management - Meeting The Challenge of ChangeHickoryGEN662084FOC110817