Thursday, April 6, 2017

  11:00am - 6:00pm    AGENT REGISTRATION 
  1:00pm - 2:15pm    OPENING CEREMONY
       Super Session 
How to Guarantee that Your Agency Will Not Survive 2025
Chip Bacciocco - CEO,
Let's take a look into the future at the year 2025. The world is a much different place. The insurance industry and technology have continued to evolve and change at a rapid pace. Did you listen to the advice on how change and adapt your agency's practices today to guarantee a successful tomorrow? Learn what you need to do NOW to ensure that your agency is still alive and kickin' in the year 2025.
  2:15pm - 2:45pm
  2:45pm - 3:45pm    BREAKOUT SESSIONS
       Agency Management 
Inter-Office Dynamics: Sales vs. Service

Kim Busse - The Omnia Group
Let’s face it….sometimes your office feels like a war zone instead of a team working together to reach common goals.
Salespeople don’t understand why the service team asks so many questions and need to have every i dotted and every t crossed. The service team can’t understand why salespeople are so unorganized, pushy and last minute with EVERYTHING! Meanwhile you’re thinking “Why can’t we all get along?” Sound familiar? This seminar will talk about the dynamics necessary for sales and service and how those dynamics work together to make an unstoppable team.

**Attendees will be offered a complimentary Omnia assessment which will provide insight into their key behavioral traits, strengths and challenges, and offers learning opportunities. 
       Marketing, Sales & Social Media 
10 Objectives Every Successful Agency Practices

Kelly Donahue-Piro - Agency Performance Partners
No need to recreate the wheel! In the 700 agencies our presenter, Kelly Donahue-Piro of Agency Performance Partners, has worked with, she has nailed down 10 practices of consistently successful agencies, including:
• Routine work and development of agency culture
• Development of a “forever” recruiting strategy
• Goal-setting with incentive plans and clear goal-tracking
• Relentless pursuit of maximizing agency technology
Attend this session to see real world examples of how top-growing agencies are implementing these strategies and achieving unprecedented success!
       Technical Coverages 
Commercial Insurance Endorsements You Should Consider on Every Account
Stuart Powell - Executive in Residence, Appalachian State University
This session will provide a review of a number of endorsements often overlooked that are becoming increasingly important in today’s evolving commercial insurance exposures.  While these endorsements may not be suitable on every account, agents should be knowledgeable about these endorsements and when they may be applicable.  Use of these endorsements in the right situation can enhance coverage and possibly avoid an E & O claim.
  4:15pm - 5:15pm    BREAKOUT SESSIONS

 Agency Management 
Agency Management: Best Practices for Managing Your Agency
Eric Moberg - CEO, The Moberg Group
This session will drill down on the topics that are of key importance to the management of your agency, including:
- Business planning
- Setting sales objectives
- Staff growth and objectives
- Managing your markets
- Establishing Procedures
- Effective use of automation

       Marketing, Sales & Social Media 
Five New Agency Challenges and How to Tackle Them

Kelly Donahue-Piro - Agency Performance Partners
The independent insurance space is changing at a very rapid pace. For many agencies, there is a “wait and see” mentality that can negatively impact future growth, sales and sustainability. Geico will spend of $1 billion in advertising this year. As a local, independent agent the time is NOW to get aggressive with tackling – but also capitalizing on – your core challenges. In this session, we will identify the top five new agency challenges and clearly outline a strategy to solve them.  
       Technical Coverages 
Commercial Insurance Endorsements You Should AVOID on Every Account

Stuart Powell - Executive in Residence, Appalachian State University
A review of a number of endorsements showing up on commercial insurance policies with increasing frequency that should be avoided.  Sometimes, underwriters will not remove these endorsements.  If they cannot be removed, agents should create file documentation that the endorsement was disclosed and the limitation discussed.  Failure to inform policyholders about these endorsements could result in an E & O claim.   

The Ins and Outs of Personal Branding
Erin Nutting - Integrity Insurance Services 
The Ins and Outs of Personal Branding
Erin Nutting - Integrity Insurance Services 
Rapid Rapport
Alan Reyes - Certified Hypnotist

Friday, April 7, 2017

  7:30am - 12:00pm   REGISTRATION OPEN

  8:30am - 9:30am     Super Session
      Insider's Scoop on Key Industry Issues - A Legislative Panel
IIANC CEO, Aubie Knight, will lead a panel discussion with some of Raleigh’s and D.C.’s most influential and knowledgeable insiders (lobbyists) to discuss how the significant changes in the political landscape are likely to impact you and your agency.
  10:15am - 11:15am   BREAKOUT SESSIONS
       Agency Management 
Time Management for Service Staff

Angela Adams - Angela Adams Consulting Services, Inc.
Efficiency and accuracy is key to a successful back office operation.  In this session we make sure your team is equipped with proven ideas that eliminate duplicate efforts and minimalize manual and tedious processes.  Attendees will learn to simplify processes, including going paperless. We’ll also discuss how to improve producer relationships and the best way to take advantage of new technology. We combine tips to use your agency management system more efficiently along with best practices for processes beyond your software. 
       Marketing, Sales & Social Media 
How to Crush Local Traffic Generation With This One Simple SEO Strategy
Sydney Roe,
“Insurance agencies aren’t big enough to compete against Geico, State Farm, etc on Google,” is what I often hear echoed around the industry. In 60 minutes, we’ll de-bunk this myth. You’ll master an SEO strategy any small business can take advantage of: ranking your website for local insurance searches. Join us and walk away ready to crush your local traffic generation goals.
Cyber Risk and Insurance: Beyond Basics

This intermediate-level session will delve into the challenges of writing cyber coverage and explore potential regulatory implications and coverage trends.
  11:15am - 11:30am   BREAK
  11:30am-12:30pm   BREAKOUT SESSIONS
       Agency Management 
Monitor & Audit with your Agency Management System

Angela Adams - Angela Adams Consulting Services, Inc.
You have made a significant investment in your team and count on those individuals to use the software as intended and follow your established procedures closely.  Your client’s wellbeing and your agency’s security are dependent on efficient and accurate back office processes.  In this session we will review key areas and reports that need your attention regularly to ensure the success of your CSR, Accounting, and Sales departments.
       Marketing, Sales & Social Media 
Top Technology Tools for Agency Growth
Sydney Roe -  
Ewa Telenga - IIANC

Let's face it - you know your agency needs to adapt to new and changing technologies to better serve your existing clients and attract new business. But with dealing with your day-to-day duties, it can be hard to vet these new tools and determine their importance to your agency. That's where we come in - we have hand-picked the top vendors offering services that your agency can't afford to overlook. Attend this session and learn how partnering with these vendors will make your job easier and your book of business bigger!
Solar Powered Vehicles: Science Fiction or Reality?

Stuart Powell - Appalachian State University