Why IIANC's Education Department?

"I am one that believes in the necessity to continually educate ourselves as we strive to achieve the professionalism and knowledge our clients deserve. To that end, I believe IIANC’s educational offerings are superior, and worth the “cost”, or as I see it the “return on investment”. Not only am I a participant in the IIANC classes (and have been since 1998), but I also have been an instructor since 2008. As an instructor, I try to relate the course material to today’s marketplace, and facilitate discussions that allow participants to walk away with something they can use in their daily activities; I believe all our instructors do a good job in that respect. Our instructors are, or have been, agents and therefore understand the relevant issues. I would certainly recommend IIANC educational opportunities to anyone, whether a newly licensed agent or a seasoned veteran."

Danny Cook, CIC, CRM, MSRMI, LUTCF, Cook Insurance Services, Lumberton, NC