Recap: 2015 Annual Convention

Taking the Risk Out of Selling
Speaker: Marit Peters
Best practices studies show agencies that adopt a sales culture statistically have more sustained growth. Higher growth often creates greater demands and increased tension between service staff and production staff. In this session, Marit shows you how to create an enthusiastic sales culture at all staff levels. 

How to Locate, Recruit, Hire, Train and Develop New Producers
Speaker: Randy Schwantz
In this dynamic session, industry sales trainer Randy Schwantz identified the top struggles of agency principals and what it takes to build a winning sales culture among your team. Additionally, this session shed light on:
 Problems threatening a sales culture, the five core elements to extraordinary growth, the process for winning, keeping and growing your most profitable account, and much more!

Top Three Obstacles to Amazing Organic Growth
Speaker: Randy Schwantz
Join our keynote speaker in a smaller setting for a session that will identify the top struggles of agency producers and provide you with the skills needed to overcome them.

Awards Celebration & Board Installation

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