The world around us is changing faster than ever before, and so is the insurance industry. 

Technology, new competitors with better tools, online presence, and customer expectations are only a few challenges that an insurance agent is facing today. Customers in 2016 are very different than the ones from 20, 10 or even five years ago. They are demanding more of businesses; they want someone that can cater to their every need, and at a moment's notice if required. We all know the obstacles before us, but can you honestly say that your agency is adapting to these challenges in our industry? 

Do you truly offer a modern customer experience that differentiates you from your competitors? In many cases, the answer is “No, not even close.” 

“If my bank did business the same way as an insurance agency does by only being available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, I would get a new bank in a heartbeat.” 

            - IIANC Board Member


That’s why IIANC has developed the 24/7 Agency Solutions program for our members. We want to collaborate with you to improve your business and help you better understand how modern consumers think and act so your agency can recruit and retain more customers. With the tools we provide, your agency can enter into the digital world by offering clients 24/7 access. Meet them where they are – whether that’s online, offline or on their cell phones. 

Starting from building your online presence, through launching the mobile app, to providing 24/7 phone access. IIANC has carefully aligned with companies in the 24/7 Agency Solutions program to make sure they offer the best service in the industry and will work with you from A to Z to expand your agency’s market share. 

It’s time to revolutionize your brand and make a change in your business. Your association is here to help you down the journey of becoming a 24/7 agency - get started today!

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Website Design

80% of all insurance searches
begin online

Mobile App

90% of smartphone users use
apps to find what they need

Answering Service

34% of callers who hang up
do not call back

24/7 Agency Solutions Questions

Contact Ewa Telenga, IIANC's Agency Solutions Advisor, at or 888-275-8911