Session Descriptions

Monday Sessions

Spy Secrets 99% of Americans Will Never Know

Speaker: Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson, former CIA officer and spy extraordinaire, reveals Spy Secrets to keep you and your family safe.  In these uncertain times, Jason Hanson shares "Real Spy Craft" to help you protect yourself and your family. From Situational Awareness to Home Protection and a dozen techniques in between, Jason provides you with practical, simple techniques to stay safe at home, work and out in the world. Click here to see Jason's "Shark Tank" appearance, where he shares how to break free from duct tape and zip tie binding.   

Top Agency Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Speaker: Patrick Kinney

Join Patrick Kinney, Executive Vice President of National Distribution with Travelers, for a frank discussion about the state of the industry. Patrick will share his insights about major happenings in the industry today, the impact of automation in coming years, and major obstacles being faced by both independent agents and the industry as a whole. 

Agency Measuring Stick

Speaker: Kelly Donahue-Piro

You can’t manage what you can’t measure but more importantly we can’t grow with our accurate and relentless attention to the numbers. Numbers allow you to make business decisions that are based on facts not feelings. We have boiled down the top 6 metrics your agency needs to start tracking now!
     1. Website Traffic: You can't be considered if you aren't being found
     2. New Business: Revenue, Source & Producer
     3. Closing Ratio: # of quote vs. sales
     4. Remarketing Hit Ratio: # of remarkets vs. # of movies
     5. Marketing Reach
     6. Retention

Talent Recruitment Strategies

Speaker: Stacy Zapar

The insurance industry workforce is quickly aging, especially in the agency ranks.  It’s been reported that nearly 50% of the industry’s workforce is above the age of 45. Insurance agencies are faced with a talent crisis that will only get worse as more agents and brokers retire in the coming years. The challenge for agencies in search of top talent is to stand out and differentiate their organization from all the other businesses searching for employees. It’s critical for insurance agencies to get it right. The purpose of this session is to highlight and explain the new ways to recruit and retain top talent. 

At the end of this class, insurance brokers and agents will have a better understanding of how to recruit employees that are the best fit for their agency, for the position, and have the highest chance to succeed. Today’s recruiting tools and methods have changed drastically from the days when an employer would simply post a job opening in the local newspaper. 

Tuesday Sessions

Industry Update

Speaker: Bob Rusbuldt

Join Bob Rusbuldt, CEO of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, as he sheds light on what's going on the industry. 


Designing and Tracking Your Customer Experience - Bonus Workshop

Speaker: Kelly Donehue-Piro

86% of people are willing to pay more for better service. Knowing this, your agency should have a ridiculously amazing customer experience, which is your key to boosting retention, generating referrals, and growing your business. Today's direct writers have created an experience of cost savings, technology and efficiency. For many agencies, the customer experience has been reactive - responding when a client needs something. To survive and thrive, modern agencies are investing in a strong customer experience that includes training, multiple touch points, proactivity and gratitude. 

Bring your laptop for this interactive workshop, where you will receive hands-on tips to design and track your agency's customer experience. 

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