Billy Williams, Ph.D. 
Founder & President, Williams Family Investment Group

Billy R. Williams, Ph.D., is the CEO of The Williams Family Investment Group, an investor group that seeks to acquire an equity stake in up-and-coming insurance agencies, and founder and president of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring, an insurance agent and small business owner mentoring company that annually mentors 1000's of insurance agencies and small businesses on the best tools, processes, and workflows to grow their enterprise. Dr. Williams is an expert at helping insurance agents and agencies double or triple their current production while cutting their marketing budget by up to 40%.

Dr. Williams recently opened the Small Business division of Inspire a Nation. By utilizing many of the same tools and modifying many of the marketing tasks and processes used to grow insurance agencies, he is teaching small business owners of non insurance based companies how to effectively and efficiently grow their businesses.

Billy is a principal of the Williams Family Investment Group Inc., a group of 60+ insurance agencies around the country that currently produce over $600 Million in new and renewal insurance premium annually.

Todd Stottlemyre

Todd Stottlemyre grew up around the majesty of Yankee Stadium where his father was an All-Star pitcher for the New York Yankees. His Dad had great teammates like Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Thurman Munson and Yogi Berra was his first manager. Growing up in that environment inspired Todd to dream of following in his father’s footsteps to play major league baseball. His dream came to life in the form of a goal where he became obsessed about seeing his dream come to fruition. 

Playing in the big leagues was a massive goal. The percentages were highly against him ever making it. He never gave into the percentages; he knew it was possible and if it was possible then he knew he could make it. Todd became a major leaguer at the age of 22 in 1988 with the Toronto Blue Jays. But failure was a huge part of his success. Todd learned some incredible lessons in his journey playing major league baseball. He had some of the greatest coaches and mentors along the way. He played with some of the most gifted athletes in the world and he had a front row seat to their goals, mindsets, training, failures and successes. He learned something from each one of them that helped shape his career and life.

After baseball Todd dabbled heavily in the business world. He worked for a Wall Street firm for almost 5 years before launching his own investment fund. Once again, he was surrounded by incredible business talent. Today Todd is building a global marketing business with some of the brightest entrepreneurs he has ever been around and keynotes around the country sharing his stories and business lessons.

In life, baseball, and business Todd has had both failures and brilliant successes.  He will regale you with his leadership acumen so that you too can experience your personal best.

Carey Wallace
Chief Executive Officer, IntellAgents

Carey serves as the CEO of IntellAgents, a newly formed nationwide organization that has built the fastest growing warehouse of Independent Agent data.  IntellAgents will represent over 20,000 agencies across the country by the end of 2019 and Carey and her team are focused on leveraging this data to help Independent Agents make informed business decisions, grow their agencies and compete in the changing insurance marketplace.


George Robertson
IIANC Technology Consultant

With over 25 years of experience in the insurance and technology industries, George Robertson brings a knowledgeable perspective to educating insurance agents and their customers on current trends in technology. 

George serves on the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers (IIABA) Agency Council for Technology, which keeps track of strategic trends that will drive future consumer expectations and business opportunities.

His knowledge of cyber insurance, social media, search engine optimization, and agency automation brings an interesting perspective to helping evolve the insurance industry. 

Stacey Brown Randall


Growth By Referrals

Stacey Brown Randall has one focus in life.  To help others avoid business failure. 

She knows – she’s been there, done that and has the t-shirt.

What Stacey learned when her first business failed – and through years of researching successful businesses - is now what is making all the difference with her current business’ success.  And she is sharing all her secrets.  

Stacey’s online programs and live coaching provide a blueprint to follow to take control of your referrals, your client experience, and your business.  Stacey is a contrarian when it comes to typical referral advice and believes the best way to unleash a referral explosion is to do it WITHOUT asking for referrals.