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We are starting 2021 off on the right foot by re-launching our podcast channel, IIANC Radio! This single show will include conversations from CEO Aubie Knight, VP of Governmental Affairs Joe Stewart, and other IIANC staff members that discuss issues pertinent to the independent insurance agency system. Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any future shows! We will have brand new episodes each month (and sometimes more frequently!) 

October 14, 2021: A Strong Roof Will Cover You...

On this installment of IIANC Radio, Aubie and Joe chat with Gina Hardy, CEO of the NCIUA and NCJUA, about the state of North Carolina's coastal residual market mechanism, and the push to encourage homeowners on the coast to put stronger roofs on their houses.

September 20, 2021: How Has COVID Changed the Business World?

Aubie and Joe chat with Dr. Michael Walden, the William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor Emeritus at NCSU. Dr. Walden is a noted expert on North Carolina's economic landscape, and offers his insights on how COVID has changed the world of business here and around the world, and the factors that will influence how financial markets act in the months leading up to the 2022 elections.

August 13, 2021: An EXPO-nentially Awesome Event Part 2

Aubie and Joe chat about the great speaker lineup for this year's InsurEXPO, being held on September 16 and 17 in Winston-Salem.

July 23, 2021: What a Year!

Aubie and Joe chat with Monty Ross about what turned out to be a highly unusual and unexpected (but accomplishment-filled) year serving as Chairman of IIANC's Board of Directors.

June 24, 2021: An EXPO-nentially Awesome Event

In this edition of IIANC Radio, Aubie and Joe talk about the topics and speakers on the program agenda of the 2021 InsurEXPO on September 16 and 17 in Winston-Salem.

May 21, 2021: A Conversation with Steve Anderson

This podcast features a conversation with Steve Anderson, author of The Bezos Letters - 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon and CEO of Catalyit, a new company that simplifies technology for insurance agencies.

April 20, 2021: What's the Latest with NC's Population?

Aubie and Joe are joined by Jess Stanford, Demographic Analyst with Carolina Demography at the UNC Population Center, and talk about the soon-to-arrive 2020 Census data and what it's likely to show in terms of our state's growing and diversifying population.

March 10, 2021: We Get to See You in Person!

Aubie and Joe talk about the amazing program for the upcoming sold out IIANC Agency Owners Executive Retreat (recordings of presentation made available after the March 28-30 event), and the importance of thinking strategically.

February 11, 2021: Introducing... The Fighting Actuaries!

Aubie and Joe discuss the formation and launch of InsurAcademy, the IIANC strategic initiative to find, train and place qualified applicants with independent agencies looking for talent.

January 28, 2021: Lessons Learned

Aubie and Joe talk about what will be different both for independent insurance agencies and for IIANC, based on the operational modifications and adaptations necessary due to COVID-19.


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In 2019, IIANC was thrilled to launch IIANC Radio, our podcast channel. We had two podcast shows that both offered new episodes.

The inaugural show, A Knight Cap, was where IIANC CEO Aubie Knight, along with other staff at the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina, welcomed a variety of guests into the office for insurance-centric exchanges. You can listen to previous episodes by clicking the button below.

Our second show, A Cup of Joe, launched shortly after, where Joe Stewart, IIANC's VP of Governmental Affairs, tackled a myriad of legislative and advocacy topics with special guests. You can listen to previous episodes by clicking the button below.


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