Why should you send your staff to the Young Agents Development Conference?

First and foremost, this conference is designed to help them learn and grow, allowing them to better service clients and produce more for your agency. 

We've developed an event packed with the tools that will arm attendees to become agency leaders and top producers. We've identified some of the top industry thought leaders, bringing them together for this epic event - including Brent Kelly, a leading sales coach and Vice President of Sitkins Group, Inc., and Kelly Donahue-Piro, a social media and digital marketing trailblazer. 

Your Young Agents will have the opportunity to connect with dozens of representatives from insurance companies, MGAs, technology vendors, and more. By forming and fostering these relationships today, they'll have a network to call on for years to come - that's something you can NEVER put a price tag on! 

By connecting with other Young Agents and peers during this event, your staff will leave with a network of industry friends upon whom they can call on when they have questions or need help solving a problem. This also helps tie them to the industry, which equates to longer retention and overall job satisfaction. 

All of this is included in the nominal $50 registration fee for IIANC Members. This means that there is minimal financial investment required on your part. So don't wait and register your Young Agents as soon as possible to reserve their seat!