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IntellAgents R.I.S.E. Report

How would you like to know:

  1. if your agency's salary and benefits packages are competitive,
  2. how your commission rate compares to your peers,
  3. how much influence you hold with your carriers,
  4. what your true growth drivers are?
We can now answer these questions and so many more for your agency.
Thanks to our recent partnership with IntellAgents LLC, a new industry-specific analytics-driven organization, we are excited to offer your agency access to the R.I.S.E. Report at a discounted price exclusive to IIANC members!
The R.I.S.E. report was developed specifically to help independent agency owners better understand their businesses and build strategies focused on certain areas of the agency.
For only $249, you can be provided with actionable insights to make more informed business decisions. (That's an additional 50% off the regular member price of $499!)
The insurance industry thrives on data analytics, and now it’s time for our member agency owners to take advantage of it.
To receive your $249 IIANC member coupon code, please contact Adam Petrey.
Please note - only authorized agency key contacts (owners/principals) will be able to purchase/complete the RISE Profile.
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Things to Know

Ready to get started on your RISE Profile? Here's what you'll need to complete your profile.
We recommend getting together as much of this information as you can before you get started - this will make the process smoother and quicker for you!
Agency Profile
This section will cover basic agency information, from ownership type to agency management system to benefit plans your agency offers. This section will give us high-level details on who your agency is, including FEIN and NPN numbers as well as your Agency Management System.
Book of Business
This section is where you will enter in the dollar amounts of your premiums and commissions from the previous five years (e.g. 2014-2018), broken out by Commercial Lines, Personal Lines, and Life & Health. In addition, we'll ask whether you have acquired or divested any books of business.
This section will cover your top 5 carrier appointments, as well as your alliance/network affiliations, for the last 3 years. You will need the respective premium volumes, commissions, co-op dollars received, loss ratios, etc. for each of your partnerships.
Employee Roster
The last section is comprised of employee-specific information for your entire roster, including name, role, birth date, compensation, annual bonus and percent of ownership.

Also Available: QuickClicks (FREE for IIANC Members! A $100 Value!)

QuickClicks Valuation

QuickClicks Valuation shows a fair market value range for an agency based on current market conditions. QuickClicks provides a baseline range of value, whereas actual pricing for an external sale or internal perpetuation would be driven by additional factors and considerations. A full valuation report will give you a more in-depth assessment of pricing based on a thorough assessment of the agency's book of business and an overall assessment of the agency's risk.
In order to view this information, all you need to do is provide us with five simple pieces of information:
1. Gross Revenue
2. Fees and Commissions Paid to Brokers
3. Total Assets
4. Total Liabilities
5. Average Annual Growth Rate
With your annual subscription, you'll have access to this tool, as well as QuickClicks Insights (see below.)

QuickClicks Insights

QuickClicks Insights provides some key productivity metrics about your agency based on four data points and offers both regional and state-wide comparisons that are updated daily in order to give agents the most up-to-date benchmarking information. Our insights are the result of massive amounts of data, aggregated from actual agency inputs, which are then analyzed and adjusted to account for the changing market trends.
In order to view this information, all you need to do is provide us with four simple pieces of information:
1. Number of Full-Time Employees
2. Number of Producers
3. Annual Written Premium
4. Annual Commission
With your annual subscription, you'll have access to this tool, as well as QuickClicks Valuation (see above.)
To receive both of these FREE annual subscriptions as an IIANC member, please contact Adam Petrey to obtain your special coupon code.