COVID-19 Survey Results

This summer we surveyed our members to find out the impact of COVID-19 on agency operations, staffing, revenue and more. We wanted to check in to see how this global pandemic has affected current business operations and how our members believe this will impact growth opportunities in the future.
What did we find out? Out of the 165 member agencies who participated, some of the results include:
  • A large percentage of rural agency offices remained open while a large percentage of urban agencies moved to a hybrid remote working environment for employees
  • The majority of agencies noticed no change in staff productivity in a remote working environment
  • 92% of agencies have not had to lay off or furlough any employees during the pandemic
  • 74% of agencies received grant money or relief funds that were a result of COVID-19
  • The majority of agencies expecting a downturn in revenue to end in 2020 think that will continue next year
Why did we do this? We want to be able to better serve our members by using these survey results to help solve challenges created or magnified by COVID-19.