Get Money Back


*NEW* 2022 Marketing Reimbursement Program

Co-branding with Trusted Choice® could save your agency money! Offset the cost of advertising and get money back with the help of the Marketing Reimbursement Program (MRP). Trusted Choice® will reimburse a portion of expenses incurred in 2022 by Big "I" members for co-branding advertising and marketing materials. This is not meant to replace your agency's brand, but to complement it by including the Trusted Choice branding in your marketing efforts. 

Option 1 - Cobranding (up to $1,500 reimbursement)

Up to $1500 for use of the Trusted Choice logo on consumer-facing ads and items. $750 towards digital marketing efforts and an additional $750 towards traditional marketing efforts.
Digital Co-branding (Digital Marketing Incentive)
– *Open to all members (INCLUDING those that have used MRP funds before) Use of any of the Trusted Choice customizable campaigns or custom campaign created by member that includes the Trusted Choice logo. This includes video production, advertising costs (Display ads, social ads, YouTube, etc.) Agencies will be reimbursed 75% of cost with a max value of $750 in 2022. Additional funds may be made available in 2023.

Traditional Co-branding – Available for new members and first time MRP users only. Members may utilize the funds by adding the Trusted Choice logo on any non digital consumer-facing items. Usage includes, but is not limited to, Trusted Choice printed ad materials, promotional giveaway items, original advertising, signage, event sponsorship or collateral items like business cards or stationery. Agencies will be reimbursed 50% of cost with a max value of $750 per agency location. This is a lifetime max value.  

Option 2 - Digital Upgrade ($500 reimbursement); Available to All Member Agencies

Agencies receive a $500 reimbursement for creating a new website with any of our Preferred Partner website vendors.

Option 3 - Advantage Subscription ($125 reimbursement)

Sign up for an annual Advantage subscription on and receive a $125 reimbursement. Only valid for those who have not had an Advantage subscription on in at least 2 years.

Learn More Questions? Contact Trusted Choice at or 800-221-7917.