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Agency Nation

Agency Nation, powered by, is the independent insurance industry's premier resource for those who want to dominate the marketplace. It provides a unique perspective on the sales, marketing and automation strategies used by top businesses in the industry. Featuring a variety of articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, eBooks and more on sales, marketing, and technology topics, Agency Nation is focused on helping insurance agents grow their business and market themselves in a digital world.
Agency Nation Insiders is an on-demand learning platform for insurance professionals who want to get better at the business of marketing insurance. This monthly all-access pass (for $39/month) gives you access to the tools, tactics and tribe that make hustling smarter, not harder. Receive full access to simple, plug-and-play digital marketing tactics, be a part of a private, active Facebook group where you can collaborate with others. and gain access to Insider-only virtual events.
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8 Ways to Update Your Agency's Digital Presence

With more businesses moving online due to COVID-19, it is more important than ever to make sure you have a strong digital presence. Even before the pandemic hit, Statista reported 65% of ecommerce digital traffic was through Google searches in 2019. Additionally, Social Media Today reports that that 36% of US consumers believe social media is at least as important as other sources when making purchasing decisions.

There is no doubt your digital presence is important to attracting customers. However, with so much uncertainty in the world today, you may have limited time and budget to dedicate to improving your digital tactics. Trusted Choice offers a few tips and resources to help you use your current resources effectively. 
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The Power of 30 Seconds

The first 30 seconds of any inbound sales call sets the tone for the entire customer experience. In that short time, agencies can either earn valuable new business, or develop an unfavorable view from potential clients. Thanks to Trusted Choice, your agency can ensure that you make those 30 seconds count!

The Power of 30 Seconds is a free online training tool designed to help Trusted Choice agents convert inbound sales calls into clients. The program coaches you on creating and managing an inbound sales process for your agency. You can also earn a certificate of completion by testing your knowledge of the principles of handling inbound sales calls through the post-training quiz. Learn how to:
Establish an effective call workflow
Provide a positive customer experience
Manage phone system automation
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Branding Guide

We developed the IIANC Brand Promise to explain our members’ advantage over the competition. It’s what sets Trusted Choice independent agents apart and makes us different. Our branding guide, which is available exclusively to IIANC members, breaks down the thought behind our brand promise, compelling reasons for using it in your agency's marketing efforts, and provides real-world examples on how to apply it in your agency. The real key to successfully advancing Trusted Choice independent agents in North Carolina is for ALL of us to work together to promote the brand. Obtain your free copy of the branding guide today and use this proven messaging to better communicate the independent agent brand promise to your agency’s customers and prospects.

Email for your copy of the IIANC Brand Promise.

Advertising 101 Toolkit

Advertising 101 is a free, online training series designed to help independent insurance agents understand, design and execute a successful advertising campaign. The nine-part series guides agents from start to finish, touching on advertising goals, market research, budgeting, strategy, media, working with advertising agencies, developing ad content and measurement. Advertising 101 explores the basics of the broad and complex space that is advertising, and simplifies the process through best practices, whether your agency is navigating a print, television, digital or outdoors campaign. The series helps agents conceptualize, strategize and implement the entire advertising process..
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Ever wonder how your agency's marketing compares to other agencies? Take a quick survey and we'll provide you a marketing scorecard and ideas on how to improve. You can also compare your agency with other agencies based on several criteria. Take a minute to see if you MeasureUp! Note that this tool is intended for agency management only. 
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