2021-22 PSA Campaign

IIANC is continuing its efforts to educate North Carolinians on the dangers surrounding distracted driving. IIANC's goal is to increase awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, particularly texting while driving, in attempts to reduce the number of related auto accidents. Beginning in September, we’ll be launching an extensive seven month PSA campaign on the radio networks of three NC universities offering the most expansive, statewide coverage – Carolina, Duke and NC State. Your agency has the opportunity to participate by tagging the radio ads, AT NO COST!  

The campaign, sponsored by Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agents of NC, will feature radio ads during game broadcasts that ask listeners to put down their phones and not text while driving. If you would like your agency tagged on the end of these important consumer safety messages, simply sign up now for the free radio tags. We will also send you a Distracted Driving Dangers PSA Tool Kit with info that your agency can use to help educate your customers or members of the public that may contact you as a result of the ads.

Our extensive PSA campaign will include:
 - UNC Football and Men's Basketball games
 - Duke University Men's Basketball games
 - NC State University Football games

Each of these radio spots will be tagged at the end with a local, participating member agency's information...and that agency could be yours!

NOTE: signups for both football and basketball are now closed. Thank you for your interest!     

Participating agencies must be current on their IIANC membership dues to sign up and throughout the duration of the 2021-22 campaign, and have agreed to the Trusted Choice Pledge of Performance and License Agreement. Contact IIANC if you're not sure of your membership/Trusted Choice status.  

Radio Tags... Plus Even More!

In addition to the taggable agency radio ads that will be aired during the above-mentioned athletic seasons at the three universities, IIANC furthers the awareness of the issue of distracted driving through additional opportunities! We will also be urging folks to put their phones down through extensive digital advertising, social media, UNC's ever-popular podcast featuring Jones Angell and Adam Lucas, various other PSA radio ads, and special Trusted Choice of the Game replays over the radio.


Contact Rena Todd at rtodd@iianc.com or (919) 863-6540.