iLEAD agents understand the importance of advocacy in protecting our future in the insurance industry. We know that starts with developing relationships with our local, state and national legislators and by supporting the association's PACs. Throughout the year, we work to spread the word about legislative efforts in our industry to our peers, including the need to give to IIANC PAC (the state PAC) and InsurPac (the national PAC).  A strong contingent of iLEAD agents also travels to Washington, DC each spring to meet with our Congressional delegation to discuss issues important to our industry and our clients as part of the Big I Legislative Conference.

But advocacy efforts are not limited to only the members of the iLEAD Committee. What happens in the legislative and regulatory arenas affect all of us, so we need everyone to get involved. The more iLEAD agents supporting IIANC's advocacy efforts, the stronger and more effective we can be in both Raleigh and Washington, DC.

Support PAC

Through the IIANC PAC and InsurPac, our members and industry partners contribute to and support candidates who are committed to a free and competitive market in which the role of the independent insurance agency remains central to the insurance system. By pooling individual financial contributions, IIANC PAC helps elect legislators to the NC General Assembly and state offices who share our business philosophy. IIANC's Government Affairs Committee works with our staff to select the NC campaigns that receive funding from IIANC PAC each year.  InsurPac does the same on the federal level.

Your support of PAC is critical to the success of IIANC's advocacy efforts. No donation is too small. Monthly installments are available as well to make contributing to IIANC PAC even easier. Isn't the protection of your career worth what you spend on a cup of coffee or lunch out each month?

Who Do You Know?

The old adage of "who you know is important..." is very true in politics and government affairs. If you have a personal or professional relationship with any of NC's elected officials (or you are an elected official yourself...including at the local level!), we want to know. This information could be very helpful if we need to activate our grassroots efforts on an issue and make personal contact with a legislator. Contact Joe Stewart, IIANC Vice President of Governmental Affairs, at to discuss.