Employee Benefits

As an insurance agent, you know the importance of having the right coverage. With IIANC’s employee benefits program, you can be assured that your staff are well protected. Your IIANC membership gives you access to an array of life & health products so you can offer a competitive and attractive benefits package to your employees.

As an IIANC member, you can offer your employees the following benefits: group and voluntary life insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, supplemental income, and high and low option dental plans. There is some flexibility in whether the premiums are employer paid or employee paid or even a combination.

Questions? Contact Cathy Hurley, Benefits Account Manager, at churley@iianc.com or 888-275-8910. 

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Group Life Insurance

Underwritten by UNUM with benefits up to $100,000. This is completely portable with spouse and child coverage and extremely competitive rates. Click here to access the forms and more information.


Voluntary Lifestyle Life
Underwritten by UNUM. Can elect up to five times salary up to a maximum of $500,000. Completely portable or convertible. Click here to access the forms and more information.


Short-Term Disability
Underwritten by UNUM, it provides full maternity benefits. Benefits are a maximum of $1,000 per week for 12 weeks and are available at extremely competitive rates. Click here to access the forms and more information.


Long-Term Disability
Underwritten by UNUM with benefits up to $6,000 per month to age 67 (some age restrictions apply). The rates are extremely competitive and the coverage includes additional benefit features such as Disability Plus, Minimum Benefit and a Survivor Benefit. Click here to access the forms and more information.

Long-Term Care
Please contact Cathy Hurley at churley@iianc.com or 888-275-8910.

Dental Insurance
Underwritten by The Guardian Insurance Company, this voluntary program has no participation requirements. It can be employer or employee paid. Two coverage options are available and a Vision Discount program is included. Click here to access the forms and more information.



Retirement Planning Services

Big "I" Retirement Services can help you develop the best retirement plan for your agency with quality investments and state of the art administration. We have worked with more than 1000 independent agencies around the country to help them achieve their retirement goals. Our advisers are available to all IIABA members to provide consultation on existing and new plans alike at no cost or obligation. At Big "I" Retirement Services, you are considered a member first, and a client second. It doesn't matter if we are building a new plan for your agency or simply rolling over your existing plan in order to save you money with our low administrative fees, we strive to make your experience with us pleasant, professional, and hassle-free. Whether your goal is to maximize owners’ contributions, lower your agency’s tax burden, or retain key employees, our retirement professionals can tailor and customize a plan to fit your needs.

Plans for Agencies
  • Safe Harbor 401(k)
  • SIMPLE 401(k)
  • Regular 401(k)
  • Profit Sharing Plans
  • Money Purchase Plans             
Plans for Individuals
  • Regular IRA
  • Roth IRA       

Learn more about Big "I" Retirement Services.

Questions? Contact Christine Munoz at IIABA at christine.munoz@iiaba.net or 800-848-4401.