Take the First Step Towards Remote Employees

April 22, 2022 Jason Sabo
Consulting Staffing Solutions

Here at IIANC, we know our members’ hiring landscape is constantly changing, causing them to continually adapt. We work hard to provide benefits and resources for our members that better their agency, especially in this tough area! The benefits and resources we provide make the transition to implementing a remote working schedule or hiring fully remote employees easier. It is crucial right now for agencies to offer this to their employees, as we have seen again and again how important it is for employee retention and prospective employees to have the option to work remotely.

When it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent in their agencies, we want our members to be set up for success. That is why we put a lot of effort into understanding what is happening in the hiring market and have brought on a couple of strategic partners. These partners give us, and our members, insight into what prospective employees are looking for and first hand access to job markets.

With that being said, I am excited to spread the word about our partnership with AgencyVA, a company that focuses on placing virtual assistants/agents (VAs) in our member agencies. This takes away the headache of onboarding and training new staff members and allows the transition to be more efficient. We believe this partnership will be valuable to our members, as they have been great work with so far and have even offered an exceptional discount specifically for our members!

For those of you who don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We are here to support you in this process. The first step I would recommend is having each staff member write down their top five tasks each day and determine what percentage of the time they spend doing that task. Next to that percentage, ask them to write how much PAIN each task causes them. The goal here is to identify what tasks are causing your current team pain, and how much of their day it occupies.

Now imagine if you were able to eliminate a painful task for your current staff that takes up 30-40% of their day by working with AgencyVA to cover those responsibilities. What could you accomplish with the resulting greater staff bandwidth? Would it improve your staff's work-life balance? Would it free up time for your staff to engage in deeper relationships with clients? It could even open some time for cross-sell conversations because your staff has an extra 20 minutes without the data entry after the call because a VA is now taking care of it.

What would YOU do if you had 30-40% of YOUR day back to focus ON your agency, not IN your agency? What would that look like for your agency’s growth or vision? I can help you take the first step in either building your agency a hybrid remote work schedule, or bringing on a totally remote VA. 


Jason Sabo