Legal Consulting

**Up to 1 Hour of Free Phone Consultation Each Year for IIANC Member Agencies!**

IIANC often receives inquiries from members seeking advice that requires the assistance of legal counsel.  The services of IIANC's law firm are available to members, on a limited basis, at no cost. Our Free Legal Service Program is a legal consultation service provided, without charge, to IIANC member agencies by Manning Fulton, based in Raleigh, NC.

Member agencies are entitled to consult directly by phone with a Manning Fulton attorney or team member for up to one hour each year. In addition, Manning Fulton is available to handle additional legal work for IIANC members at their standard rates (contact Manning Fulton directly for details),
When using the Free Legal Service program, members should contact Sandra M. Clark at Manning Fulton (see contact info on the right). Based on the nature of the inquiry, she will route the call/email to the appropriate person on the Manning Fulton staff.

Agency Related

  • Agency Perpetuation  
  • Buy/Sell Agreements                                               
  • Producer Agreements                                             
  • CSR Employment Contracts                                 
  • Company/Agency Contracts                                   
  • Insurance Commissioner Regulations      
  • Clients Legal Needs Related to Life Insurance Products
  • Clients Legal Needs Related to Estate Planning Strategies       
  • Purchase/Sale of Agencies                                    
  • "Cluster" Arrangements                                          
  • Estate Planning for Principals            
  • Insurance Law                                                                    
  • Bank Insurance Sales

General Business

  • Incorporation
  • Partnerships
  • Litigation
  • Garnishments
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Leases
  • Real Estate
  • Contract

About Manning Fulton

Manning Fulton attorneys counsel and represent clients in a variety of litigation and transactional matters. Most attorneys share a long history at the firm and have cultivated client relationships that extend back years, and in some cases, decades. Clients benefit from the legal advice and services they receive from skilled and experienced attorneys while building solid relationships and enjoying personable service. Manning Fulton is an excellent choice for clients seeking efficient and effective legal services. For more information, please visit

Insurance Industry

Manning Fulton has the knowledge and experience to defend the business interests of companies across the full spectrum of the insurance industry. They represent insurance companies, agents and brokers on day to day business matters, regulatory concerns, insurance coverage issues, dispute resolution and a wide-range of litigation related matters. Mike Medford, with Manning Fulton's litigation section, serves as panel counsel for Swiss Re/Westport and has worked extensively with IIANC and members on E&O-related issues.