CSR Master Class

CSR Master Class Sheldon Snodgrass

Now approved for 4 hours of GEN CE credit!! 

What's in it for me?

This on-demand course, supplemented with live coaching and accountability support calls, teaches…
P&C Insurance CSRs
How to…
Cross-sell and up-sell, account round, handle objections, generate more referrals and close new business with greater comfort, confidence, and consistency
So that…
A service and sales culture rises along with revenue from organic growth, retention and policies in force
And thereby…
Turn staff into catalysts that boost both the lifetime customer value to the agency, and their own ability to improve outcomes in their personal lives.


IIANC members receive this incredible Master Class for an 85% discount!

Your class includes:

  1. Full, lifetime access to the Insurance CSR Sales Master Class created by nationally-known sales coach, J. Sheldon Snodgrass (Value $400)
  2. Printed version of the companion book directly from the publisher here at 20% off. Use code: “20sheldonspecial” (Value $39)
  3. Twice monthly implementation and accountability coaching for participants with Jason Sabo, IIANC's Business Consultant (Value $1,200)
  4. Monthly "Coach the Coach" calls with course creator and Master Sales Coach, J. Sheldon Snodgrass designed for agency leaders to assure lesson stickiness (Value $600)
  5. Additional monthly “open-office hours” for drop-in support (Value $600)

Public pricing for this package is $2,800. But as an IIANC member, you get 85% off for every member on your team. That's only $495 each for each CSR to gain skills that will yield 2x that amount with just one application of one skill that can be immediately applied. And you will have access to the course forever.

Money Back Guarantee

This Master Class will deliver you a 2x ROI in just twelve weeks, or it's FREE.

Preview the entire class for free!


Schedule/Time Commitment

Although each module takes roughly 25 minutes to watch, you should expect to spend twice that so you have time to pause the videos and complete the exercises. Additionally, after completing each module, plan to spend 15-30 minutes each week in your regularly scheduled team meetings to discuss the lesson and role-play.

Although this is an on-demand course that participants can consume anytime they wish, the real value of this special IIANC program is in working with IIANC's Business Consultant, Jason Sabo, and course creator, J. Sheldon Snodgrass, at approximately the same pace. We will officially kick off the course on November 2nd, meet every two weeks with Jason on Zoom, and meet monthly for "coach the coach" sessions with Sheldon. (Unable to make those extra sessions? Not a problem! They will all be recorded and sent out to you.)



Important Dates 

  • July 16th
  • July 23rd
  • July 30th
  • August 6th
  • August 13th

"Coach the Coach" & Open Office Hour Sessions (9:00am - 10:00am)

  • November 6th
  • December 18th
  • February 5th


See our Five Star Reviews for this Amazing Course! 

The kind folks at the IIANC are amazing! Incredibly knowledgeable and very professional. The Insurance CSR masterclass was a total success. Provided guidance for us to identify techniques to accomplish sales effectiveness and better customer retention. They are a pleasure working with!

 - Rosemary Turcios

The IIANC CSR Master Class with Jason Sabo was excellent. The instructors were engaged all the way and followed up with each student. The course was well structured to achieve the objectives outlined in the material. Each participant enjoyed the experience and came away with additional skills needed to grow in there positions.

- Richard Latorre