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North Carolina has seen more than its fair share of hurricanes over the past decade. While these storms fall within a season from June to November, planning for them should start well in advance to make sure your home and business are STORM READY for the possible financial impacts that follow a hurricane.

For this year’s Hurricane Season, IIANC is providing consumers and agents with tools you can use to Put A Plan in Place. While we don’t know what might come to our shores this year, having a plan together well in advance will ensure that your homes and businesses are properly armed with the right insurance to help you weather the financial storm that can come after the hurricane passes.

From June through September, IIANC will share a public service campaign on our Facebook page encouraging all North Carolinians to make sure they are STORM READY by Putting a Plan in Place to protect their homes, businesses, and families in the event of a hurricane. We will discuss vital information to help your clients learn and understand what coverage they need before a storm hits. IIANC members are encouraged to share this information on social media and with clients. Check out the Agent Resource Guide in the IIANC Member Resources section below for more details.

Campaign Videos

VIDEO #1: Importance of Insurance in Advance

This video outlines the importance of insurance for business and homes ahead of hurricane season, from flood insurance to wind mitigation, and more.

VIDEO #2: Home Values, Rapid Acceleration

This video discusses how home values have increased across the state, and what that might mean for your clients’ coverage.

VIDEO #3: How to Prepare for and be Safe in a Hurricane

This video depicts what happens when a hurricane is nearing, including what to put in an emergency kit, creating a home inventory, and laying out an evacuation plan.

VIDEO #4: How to Prepare Your Agency for a Storm

This video shares a checklist for agencies to consider during hurricane season. After all, your neighbors will be looking to you and their local insurance agency for support this season.


IIANC Member Resources
Social Media Resources

As a local agent, you care about your community. The information shared in this campaign will be helpful to the public and fellow insurance agents as they work to Put a Plan in Place before a natural disaster to protect what they’ve worked so hard to create. 

From June through September, please take a moment to share this content on your social media accounts. Also, make sure to like and share the content posted on the IIANC accounts as well.

Operation Storm Ready: Agent Campaign Guide & Content Calendars

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Video Guides

These video guides will help you through the process of customizing and posting on your social media.


Protect Your Agency

As trusted members of your community, you are looked upon as a leader and one who helps them rebuild their homes and businesses following a storm. You must take steps now to ensure your agency is standing ready to help your clients and your community. And we want to help!

First, IIANC has developed a Disaster Resource Center to provide our members with the information and resources needed to handle questions and issues that could arise should a hurricane or other storm affect North Carolina this year. Make sure to bookmark this page!

Check out this video from IIANC CEO Aubie Knight for a quick look at how you can start planning now to be STORM READY.