PSA Campaigns

At IIANC, we use our voice to help spread positive messages to the community by creating Public Service Awareness (PSA) campaigns.
Our goal is to educate the public on three important topics: the dangers of distracted driving; the importance of establishing a fire safety plan for your home; and, how best to be prepared for a natural disaster. Each year we update the content for these campaigns to make it helpful for our members to pass along the important information to their clients and communities.


Operation Storm Ready: Summer Campaign

North Carolina has seen more than its fair share of hurricanes over the past decade. While these storms fall within a season from June to November, planning for them should start well in advance to make sure your home and business are STORM READY for the possible financial impacts that follow a hurricane.

For this year’s Hurricane Season, IIANC is providing consumers and agents with tools you can use to Put A Plan in Place. While we don’t know what might come to our shores this year, having a plan together well in advance will ensure that your homes and businesses are properly armed with the right insurance to help you weather the financial storm that can come after the hurricane passes.

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