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CISR Designation


What is Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR)?

An inspiring professional faculty, nine ONE-DAY courses to choose from, a curriculum that's tailored to your region--all these benefits make the CISR Program a truly superior education opportunity. To earn the CISR designation, you must complete any five of the nine courses and pass the five exams within three years*.  To keep your designation, an annual update is required.
*excluding Dynamics of Service and William T Hold Seminars

All CISR courses are approved for state CE credit.  An optional exam is given at the end of each course for those seeking the designation.

The CISR program is offered through The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. 

Arrangements can also be made to bring CISR courses in-house to your agency or another desired location. Contact Julie Simser at for more information.

Contact the IIANC Education Department at or 888-275-8907 with questions.

Note: Information provided during CISR live webinar courses are based on country-wide forms and are not NC-specific.

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CISR Scholarships

IIANC will award five (5) scholarships to attend a CISR class during the upcoming year. Each scholarship covers the entire registration fee to one (1) class in North Carolina from the date awarded through one calendar year.  

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Regular CISR Courses


Registration: 7:30am - 8:00am 
Class Time: 8:00am - 3:45pm 
Optional Exam: 4:15pm - 5:15pm 
CE Credits: 7 GEN



Commercial Casualty I
This course strengthens your ability to have productive, assured interactions with customers in the area of commercial casualty exposures and coverages. Improve your understanding of legal liability and what creates liability exposures. With a central focus on the Commercial General Liability Coverage Form, this course also addresses additional insured exposures and the coverages available to meet these needs.
Commercial Casualty II
This course, like Commercial Casualty I, will strengthen your ability to have productive, assured interactions with customers in the area of commercial casualty exposures and coverages. The course focuses on Business Auto, Workers Compensation, and Excess/Umbrella Liability Policies.
Insuring Commercial Property
Commercial Property insurance is one of your business customers’ greatest concerns. You’ll improve your cross-selling abilities with up-to-date knowledge of commercial property coverage, and reduce E&O exposures. This course gives you the skills to address these issues with ease and confidence.


Insuring Personal Auto Exposures
After this course, you will be able to help your clients identify their exposures and more effectively advise them throughout the processes of analyzing, obtaining, and modifying their personal automobile policies.

Insuring Personal Residential Property
This course gives you the expertise you need to guide your customers through the often complex and confusing process of purchasing homeowners insurance—making decisions that insure their valuable assets.

Personal Lines Miscellaneous
This course addresses the exposures created by watercraft, recreational vehicles, and business activities. Prompting clients to identify these exposures is crucial, because the ISO Homeowners and ISO Personal Auto Policies provide very limited coverage. Also provided is an analysis of the coverage offered through personal umbrella or excess liability policies.

NOTE - For those pursuing the CISR designation, we highly recommend that you either first take the CISR Personal Residential course or have a working knowledge of the North Carolina Homeowners Policy before taking this class.


Agency Operations
This course helps make you an indispensable team player in any insurance agency. As you work with colleagues and customers, you will do so with enhanced self-assurance and a greater understanding of the dynamics within insurance organizations. You’ll also gain an understanding of how agencies operate—essential training for both insurance agency and company personnel.

Elements of Risk Management
Insurance professionals need training in the risk management process for two reasons. First, insurance is an integral part of your clients’ overall risk management program. Second, services provided by carriers, agencies, and brokerages are often significant items in the organization’s cost of risk. Take this one-day course to learn about each of the five powerful steps in this process, which protect not only the organization’s assets, but also its mission and brand.

Life & Health Essentials
Your ability to explain the benefits of having the proper life and health coverage is key to the financial well-being of client families and businesses. Enhance your ability to answer questions and analyze life insurance needs, as well as provide advice about a diverse assortment of health insurance products—from medical expense coverage to vision care and dental coverage—plus a variety of delivery systems and health plans designed to manage the high cost of care.
If you have questions about maintaining your designation, contact The National Alliance directly at 800-633-2165 or The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research.
Dynamics of Service & William T. Hold Seminars

Registration: 7:30am - 8:00am 
Class Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Registration Fee:

Member Price: $175.00
Non-Member Price $175.00

CE Credits: 

6 GEN - Dynamics of Service
7 GEN - William T. Hold Seminars

Dynamics of Service

Dynamics of Service is the best supplement to give your personnel the tools they need to succeed! In a competitive marketplace, an agency’s or company's most important asset is...its people.
At this one-day classroom course, you will discover what makes superior customer service representatives effective—and what keeps their customers loyal. Participants repeatedly tell us how this one-day course transformed their lives when back on the job. The success of Dynamics of Service is a direct result of an energetic and knowledgeable faculty. These instructors have lived and practiced what they teach; they know what works in the “real world.”
When you attend Dynamics of Service, you will:

  • Improve your people skills dramatically
  • Tune up your professional competence 
  • Acquire a wealth of tools and techniques for dealing with customers effectively

All these skills serve to make an employee more valuable, more productive, and more satisfied on the job.
*Dynamics of Service satisfies the update requirement for CISRs and CSRMs.
**Dynamics of Service is an update or CE option only. It is not one of the 5 or 9 required courses to obtain the designation.

William T. Hold Seminar - Personal Lines
Non-Owned Auto Exposures (3 Hours)
Insuring Toys (4 Hours)

Topics include:

  • Managing Personal Risks with Insurance
  • Personal Lines and the Business Exposure
William T. Hold Seminar - Commercial Lines
Writing Small Commercial Accounts (4 Hours)
Workers' Compensation & Employers Liability Problems and Solutions (3 Hours)

Topics include:

  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Business Auto
CISR Online

CISR Online, sponsored by The Society of Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISR), is a web-based education and training program offered by the Society of CISR. The online course is an extension of the CISR continuing education and training program and is designed for customer service representatives, entry-level sales and support personnel. CISR Online provides the same practical information and high-quality education as CISR in the classroom.

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CISR Elite

What Does It Mean to Be a CISR Elite?

Your CISR designation signifies your ongoing commitment to professionalism—bringing you well-deserved recognition. You earned the CISR designation by successfully completing five of the nine CISR courses. What’s next for your career and educational learning path? CISR Elite takes you to the next level!
Choose to attend the four remaining CISR courses and pass the corresponding exams, and you will earn not only an advanced credential, the CISR Elite status, but also:

  • a broader base of knowledge,
  • a more comprehensive skill set, and
  • recognition for your initiative!

You also can satisfy your CISR designation update requirement—while working toward the CISR Elite distinction—two accomplishments with one course attendance!
CISR helps build your career by offering the flexibility of nine courses covering many different areas in the fields of insurance, risk management, and benefits. CISR courses make you more valuable to your employer, to the carriers you represent, and above all, your clients.

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