Dr. Michael Walden

Michael Walden, Ph.D., is a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor Emeritus at North Carolina State University and President of Walden Economic Consulting, LLC.  During his 43 years on the faculty at NC State, Walden became recognized as an expert on the state economy and public policy.  He is the author of twelve books and over 300 articles and reports, and he has made 3000 personal appearances.  Walden is also a frequent contributor to the national and state media and has appeared on all the major national news outlets. He continues to write a biweekly newspaper column distributed throughout North Carolina. He has won numerous awards, including two Champion-Tuck Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting, the UNC Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Public Service, the Holladay Medal for Excellence from North Carolina State University, and the Order of the Long Leaf Pine.  His new book is Re-Launch: How the Family Can Be Renewed and the American Dream Revived in the New Independent Lifestyle of the Post-Pandemic Economy. Walden is a member of the North Carolina Economic Development Association, and he resides in Raleigh with his wife, Mary.