Hiring and Onboarding Course

High Performing Agency Employees: How to Attract, Onboard and Retain Staff

You asked, and we answered! IIANC answers all of your hiring and onboarding questions with the exclusive, free hiring and onboarding online course available only for IIANC members. This comprehensive e-course covers the entire hiring and onboarding process from start to finish, as well as provides your agency with checklists, interview questions, and personality assessments.

What if you may not need help with the entire process, but you’d like to focus on one specific area to improve your results? This course can help with that, too. Each topic will take approximately 30 minutes to review and apply to your agency’s process.

The following topics are covered:
  • Evaluating your agency staffing needs
  • Leveraging the power of diversity and inclusion
  • How to start the hiring process
  • How to create a smooth interview process
  • Training and onboarding for success
  • Building a career development plan
  • Employee engagement
If you are at the point where it’s time to address your staffing needs, give us a call or check out the course and let’s talk about how we can use these resources to make it a smooth and successful process. We would love to help get you started with CareerPlug and our IIANC member course to help you CRUSH the hiring and onboarding needs of your agency! This is a great opportunity to use your agency's free hour of consultation with our business consultant.
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Contact Jason Sabo, IIANC's Business Consultant, at jsabo@iianc.com or 919-377-1641.

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