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Ascend is your all-in-one solution for online payments, premium financing, commission payouts, and carrier payables.

Ascend automates insurance payments end-to-end: from online customer payments and financing to the distribution of commissions and carrier payables. The features offered by ascend help you give your customers a seamless online checkout experience, while growing your business along the way. Your clients will be able to have a personalized, easy-to-use checkout experience that will allow them to choose when and how to pay, all of the flexible payment methods are supported. 

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ePayPolicy is the simplest way to collect online insurance payments online

ePayPolicy was born out of the same need for convenience that brought about online banking. This simple service is being used by agencies and brokers across the country to collect ACH and credit card payments online in a single payment page and pass on the transaction fees to the insured. ePayPolicy provides your agency with a digital, branded payment page that eliminates the need for clients to mail or deliver checks in person.

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