Agency bill and premium financing made easy. Ascend is an all-in-one solution for online payments, financing, commission payouts, and carrier payables.
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Ascend features: 

  • Collect online payments (Credit/Debit, ACH, Wire)

  • One-click premium financing built into checkout

  • Instant commissions and ability to add financing take rates

  • One dashboard to manage your endorsements, cancellations & refunds 

  • Personalized payment reminders 

  • Automated carrier payables

  • Free to use - no subscription fees

Give Your Customers a Seamless Online Checkout Experience

  • Let your customers decide how they want to pay and if they want to pay in full or finance from a single checkout link

  • No back and forth work to sign premium financing paperwork

  • Brand the entire checkout experience to your agency to own the customer experience - no more 3rd party payment portals. 

Stop wasting time dealing with payments

  • Consolidate payments: shift from hashing together multiple solutions to a single end-to-end payments solution

  • Improve retention: retain customers with automatically updated premium finance agreements and personalized payment reminders

  • Increase revenue: remove price as a barrier, increase conversion by as much as 30%, and share in revenue generated from finance contracts

  • Improve your cash flow: Receive instant commission via ACH while we remit to the carrier

Ascend is for Everyone

Whatever your team structure, agency management system, or company stage, you can plug Ascend's products into your workflow to offer your insurance customers a modern payment flow and premium financing - all at the click of a button.

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