State Legislature

North Carolina General Assembly

Six State Legislature Members

Six IIANC members currently serve in the NC General Assembly.

The NC General Assembly enacts all the rules, regulations and taxes that impact independent insurance agencies in North Carolina.

IIANC maintains a constant presence at the State Legislature, advocating for items on the IIANC legislative agenda as well as working within business coalition in support or opposition as needed on all proposed legislation that impacts the independent insurance agency business model.

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The Raleigh Report

While the NC General Assembly is in session, IIANC distributes an e-newsletter every Friday to our members, summarizing the legislative action that week. The Raleigh Report provides updates on the bills that IIANC's Governmental Affairs team is tracking and reports on the potential impact on the insurance industry and our members.

State Legislative Issues

IIANC's Government Affairs team meets constantly with state legislators and key contacts at the NC Department of Insurance, maintaining strong relationships so that when any issues arise that impact independent agents we can satisfactorily resolve them quickly.
We also work to connect IIANC members with state lawmakers, to educate these elected policy makers on issues important to independent agents in North Carolina.